The Temple, Fitness, and Health!

Hi! New blogger here on the subject of fitness and health with a twist! Now, I know many of you came to this blog looking for an answers. But, there is something I want to share with you before we get into that. In order to lose weight, I would like you to be able to see the importance of weight loss spiritually, mentally, with a dash of scientific research, and personal experience! This will help you with consistency in the health race for life!

Grilled steak, green and orange peppers, and onions at my church. This steak was awesome.. lol

First and foremost, before we begin. I give honor to God, because He is the one using me to help all of those who are in the same spot I was in not to long ago. I have dealt with insecurities, feeling lost, and frustrated when it came to losing weight. I really did not see it being a possibility for me. I often was so negative and naïve about losing weight that it lead me to want to rush the process (which like any process, it is impossible to rush unless you make it happen in your own unhealthy way). This type of thinking gave me no peace of mind but instead, many breaks on this journey. I thought since I was thin at one point that nothing could cause me to gain weight. Therefore, my self control was out of whack and my body responded quickly to those crazy thoughts, alright.

For starters, I am a female who once weight 125lbs and I had pushed my weight up to 150lbs. I am 5ft and 3 inches tall. I know many of you are going to say, “oh, that’s nothing.” But, according to my height I am considered overweight. With knowing that and seeing the weight that was added on to my body, made me feel very insecure. The fat was stubborn, but, I will tell you what helped me get rid of that!

At a young age I barely ate. It wasn’t my parents or any situation that happened that caused me not to eat. I remember that I didn’t eat because majority of the time because I was not sincerely hungry. Then, later on as I got older, out of nowhere food and I had become the best of friends (we still are so don’t @ me) I just learned how to manage our friendship. As a matter of fact, I was so small that the doctors feared anorexia would become my next step in life if I did not eat properly. Now, I didn’t want to go back to being that size. But, I did want to feel good about the body that was given to me. Because, seeing that altered look can take a toll on a persons self-esteem.

So, as time went on and as the weight started to progress sometime later, I got tired of being unhealthy. I would often eat fast foods, lots of carbs, and it didn’t help that I was a fast eater as well who cared nothing about portion sizes, I just wanted to be filled. Soon, I started to notice that I could take in more food than I could have before. I had then realized that my stomach has stretch out on the inside. Grant it, yes I was tired of gaining weight but I didn’t really do much about it either, besides working out a few times. I soon felt like all I was doing was maintaining the weight I had put on. With all this doubt in my mind, the wanting to care for myself became dull.

One Sunday morning as I was listening to the pastor of my church preach, he said that our bodies are the temple of God. This body we are in is not our own. It belongs to the Lord. In that moment I felt as if I had heard from the Lord. I decided that for me, taking care of my body is an necessity. It was revealed to me from God that I had a lack of care about what He has given me by putting all this junk into my body and letting it have a depressing, negative effect on my mind was an example of me having lack of self control and not letting Him direct me in my journey of health. It can get frustrating trying to stay positive. But, if your change your perspective and think about why you are doing it, setting goals, and making a plan for yourself you will defiantly see your results. Another thing I noticed, looking back, is that the way I treated my body is the way I had treated my soul and my spiritual walk with God, the more I gained, the less I wanted to hear or receive that He actually calls me beautiful no matter what state I am in. He just wants His people to get up and keep pushing . It was almost like, during those times I didn’t even want to talk to him. Maybe it was shame, maybe it was feeling less than. Whatever the reason was, I was not taking care of my body and it had created a negative impact on my mind and soul.

**Now disclaimer God loves everyone and he does not love you less if you like or if your body thin, thick, or big. He looks at your heart most of all and I think everyone is beautiful in their own way. For me, gaining weight made me lose confidence and it was hard for me to receive his love or anyone else’s because I don’t think it looks well on me.. But this is not everyone’s story**

A challenge though all of this is consistency, This has been a struggle for me a lot of the time.. I realized that it is the only thing that is going to bring me results and it doesn’t matter if I’m motivated to do so or not. I came across one vlogger who said and I quote, “motivation is not always going to be there, but you have to keep pushing.” I keep pushing because I want God and His Spirit to feel welcomed here in this temple. Though, it is just flesh and we are not taking it with us when we pass on, but um who knows that the flesh hates anything positive for God or yourself? And that the devil will use the state of your flesh to come against your mind? I’m aiming to take control over this flesh physically and spiritually. Anyone reading this just know I am praying for your release.

Another point I want to make is about confidence. I want to feel confident in my body, who cares if I’m the only one seeing it? I wanna look good! Also, I didn’t want to neglect Gods home to fill it with the filth that I had put in it majority of the time. For where will the Holy Spirit dwell if your house is not clean? (How I look at it, is that carrying dead and heavy burdens such as insecurity and depression or anything negative, stress. Which is normal, but it is still an example of adding an extra piece of trash to your unclean house. Which means something or somewhere in your spirit, body, mind, or soul it is out of order and it is cluttered with negative thoughts, situations, or memories that cause us to not want to move on in that area which could effect the whole house overall, most likely it will. Those bad thoughts were taken captive to lead you into bondage. Even if it does link back to your health). The scripture about having an unclean house has sooooooo many definitions. But, I believe that statement is not only spiritual but physical as well. I see the link and connection between the two. God made us in purity, I want to try to live that way by watching my health and you should too.

After I had my health intervention with the Lord, I got on my laptop and I started researching my body type and what my body needs to get back on track. I then started to analyze myself to see where I started gaining weight mainly was around my mid-section. I have always had an hour-glass shape, which is the shape that people want to have. But, it’s also the shape where those carbs go straight for your mid-section with no remorse.

Salad my mama made! With chicken, croutons, bacon bits, tomatoes, and ranch. Yum! (honestly, I hate ranch lol.. But, I ate it that day lol.

So, with that being said. After I had done my research, I had gotten an app that counts my calories. Also, I made regimen to only eat the minimum calories the app said could have a day. I’m not recommending anyone to do this, but I sometimes went under that. On top of working out. Finding a balance also was tough for me. But, it all worked out with the more research I had done. So, to answer any questions. No! You do not have to starve yourself to lose weight.

Calorie Apps That I Recommend – Here is a list of Calorie Apps I recommend because they really help with keeping you on track as long as you do your part with logging in your meals:

-Lose it (One of the best calorie apps out there. The layout is awesome, you can track your water intake, and if you decide to upgrade to Premium. They will provide you with recipes that fit great with your diet!). But, the overall app is free. Also, they help you not to only maintain your weight but bring you to the weight you desire whether you wish to gain or lose. It will guide you through your process by bettering your eating habits. (which is also up to your mindset.)

-Sweatcoin: With this app you have to download Google Fit so that the Sweatcoin application can track how many steps you take. You earn also Sweatcash every time you work out, outdoors. You can not earn from indoor steps yet. The ultimate goal a day is $5.00. You could earn up to $1000 depending on how many Sweatcoins you have. For example having 20,000 Sweatcoins =$1000. It is not easy work but it is motivating and you can get gift cards and other rewards as well.

-I also went on YouTube and researched a video that helped with my journey. Here are some links down below. (none of my references are sponsored.) I really liked the way the video broke everything down. It really helped me become interested to learn about my body. I believe it could help you as well! – Foods to eat for your body type.

My Grandmother always had us right when it came to health! It was so good! Steak, potatoes, greens, mushrooms, peppers and onions. Excursee My toes.. Lol. Needs all da lotion. Anyway LOOK AT THE FOOD. don’t pay attention to me lol

For the foods that I have shown above, take a very short time to make. But, it is so good and also healthy for you (just try not to go crazy when it comes to salad dressing.).

The next thing I would like to get into is the schedule I have set for myself when it is time for me to eat:


-Breakfast before 10:30AM ( My diet usually consisted of a calorie budget under 215.)

-Breakfast would be high in protein or just under the calorie budget. ( Ex: Eggs of any kind, turkey bacon, turkey sausage..)

Other Breakfast foods that I had eaten: Cereal with almond milk (cereal with oats, whole grain cereals, more on the healthier side of cereal, not too sugary.) I would also have fruit in the morning, having oatmeal, whole grain bread, etc.

There are so many more options that you could do for your meal prep everyday! You can even mix and match the food items that I have mentioned in this blog. I try to eat healthy, but I also want to like what I am eating too. Although, sometimes it really can be a sacrifice.


  • Lunch would be at most 760 cal, if that some days.
  • My lunch time would start at 12 but no later than 1:30.
  • Sometimes for lunch I would just drink a meal replacement shake so that I am getting the nutrients I need for the day.
  • I would also eat anything green, anything baked, or fruit. I tried to stay as far away from high carbs or fried food for lunch and dinner. If I did have bread it would have to be whole grain. Which, is still pushing it for my body type. At this point I know how much I love pasta, and keeping me away from starch and carbs is… Pretty much in the depths of the waters. But, I did realize that I had to cut it off for a time and then limit how much I ate of it once I could start eating it again.


  • My Dinner would be in between the time frames of 6-8PM no later than. The time really just varied on the day that I would have. But, avoiding eating late at night keeps you from gaining weight as well. My dinner regimen would always be some sort of protein whether it would be baked steak, baked chicken, baked ribs. Anything baked. I also had my vegetables and any other nutritious side.
  • So, I would say I did not diet I just watched myself, portions, intake, and also worked-out.
  • There are also plenty of good healthy recipe apps that you can download and also plenty of good health gurus on YouTube that can help you along the way. That way you can look and determine what would be best for you in your research.
  • Remember what you put in your body is important. I can either cause you to gain or lose. Majority of receiving weight loss ultimately falls on our diet. Working out is fine but, to see greater results you must eat healthier.

Nutrition Tips:

  • Eat At least 5 Portions of vegetables/fruit a day
  • Choose Wholegrain or more fiber versions of food with less added fat, salt, and sugar.
  • Eat more beans, 2 portions of sustainably sourced fish a week (one of which is oily.)
  • Eat less red and processed meat
  • Choose food/drinks that are lower in fat and sugar options
  • Choose unsaturated oils and use small amounts
  • Check you Nutrition Labels



The reason I emphasize how important water is because most people don’t take the importance of water seriously, I was that person. I hated water because every time I had drunken it I kept having to PEE -.-. But, I learned that it was only because I did not drink enough. 3 bottles every few days was my intake. Anything other than that, was less than 2 bottles of water. Sometimes, the flavor was too bland. But, water packets are good for that. Also, the Life Water brand is one of the best water brands out there. It is super lightweight and you can taste it’s purity. You can get them at your local supermarket for under $3.00 a bottle. (I know– kind of expensive, but worth it.) Since we are made up of mostly water we should know that it keeps us going throughout the day. The days I did drink more water I noticed a change in my mood, my thoughts, etc.

One thing I did learn while drinking more water is that I wasn’t hungry as much. The water filled me up. We are really supposed to have an intake of at least 6-8 bottles of water a day. Without enough water you begin to become constipated and weighed down. Which, can cause a lot of stomach pain and sicknesses. But, with water my health started to be better. I was not sick as much and the cramping pain in my stomach would cease. Water helps you see the world much clearer. I thank God for it and I’m going to take advantage of water because God made it available for me to have! 🙂 So, up that water intake. You can do it! I know this section was a bit more detailed but if you are having any of these symptoms it’s because you have to drink more water. Water promotes weight loss and so much more.

                            Expensive Health?

I totally get it, being healthy is too expensive and the unhealthy stuff is convenient and just right in your budget. True, but we should not let the system determine our health and happiness. There are ways to re-budget. Sit down and explore different prices of healthy items in your local supermarkets online store. Get serious! There are ways to work it out. God gives us joy and liberty! So, if you want to lose those pounds trust God! He will support you and provide you that what you need. So, if finances is the reason you have not stepped up yet budget around what you can! It is worth do let that prohibit a better you on the outside inside and out. Take control of those excusive thoughts and start making progress towards your goal. Keep fighting the good fight. Also, try to find healthy meals that would last you for a while so that you do not have to spend so much. It’s a good sacrifice. TAKING CARE OF YOU IS A GOOD INVESTMENT!! 🙂

P.S. Stay away from those $1.39 chicken nuggets at Burger King when you are starting this journey, I see you peeking at those nasty nuggets that leave you with a cut up throat and extra greasy calories lol . Also, start packing your own healthy lunches. Everyone has time to be healthy we just have to be willing and consistent. I believe in you!

Workout Applications

I’m sure you all know you can work out at home. But, you can set your timer and have a guide to help you stay on track with your workouts. (DONT YOU SWIPE AWAY FROM IT, LOL GET UP AND DO THE WORK OUT. YOU FIGHT TO WIN!) You are a champion! No matter what size or how you look there is always a chance for redemption. Now, of course there are workouts of any sort on YouTube. But, there are apps that can help you too that you can download in either your Google Play or App Store. For example, the apps that I have used this year are:

  • Loose Belly Fat- Flat Stomach
  • Butt Blasting workout
  • Lose It!

Other times I would go outside and run, walk a nearby track, go to my local gym, or do my own exercises in the morning, afternoon, or before bed no matter how tired I was. I believe these apps are a good start to your journey. They come with different modes based upon where you are as far as working out; Beginner, moderate, or advanced options are available. These apps have much variety and will it push you to the next level. Also, on the app that I have mentioned earlier, Lose it! Has an option where you can log and track your exercises!

                                 EXTRA&MOTIVATING SCRIPTURES

Now, I want to take the time to say thank you all for making it this far in the blog! God bless you all. I wanted to share with you guys my work out playlist. I like have motivating, uplifting, or music that just takes me back while I am reaching my goals, it just makes me feel good inside. So, here we go:

  • Nuthin’- Lecrae
  • I’ll find you- Lecrae ft. Tori Kelly
  • Okay, so I love BTS (Ex: Bapsae, Cypher 4, Just one day, Love.) and BTR (Boyfriend, I know you know) … So any of their songs are just great lol.
  • Touch the Sky-Hillsong United
  • I give in- Lecrae ft. Erica Cambell
  • God in me- Mary Mary
  • Shackles- Mary Mary
  • You Will- Andy Mineo
  • Say I won’t- Lecrae ft. Andy Mineo
  • You can’t stop me- Andy Mineo
  • You lift me up- The Afters
  • Frontline-Pillar
  • Don’t leave me alone- Hollyn
  • Nothin’ On you- Hollyn
  • All I need is you- Hollyn

Last but not least, here are some scriptures that God used to help encourage His people 🙂

  1. 3 John 1:2 – “Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and you may be in good health as it goes well with your soul “( John was speaking on all types of health.).

2. 1 Timothy 4:8 – “For bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come. This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance. “

3. 1 Corinthians 10:31- “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do , do all to the glory of God.”

4. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 – “Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you?, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in you spirit, which are God’s”… Now I know the verse before it is talking about sexual immorality but I view this the same way. If God doesn’t want other peoples mess inside of us. What makes us things we can treat our bodies in any way? Now, I’m not here to condemn anyone.. But these are literally the questions I had asked myself when I was going back and forth with God about starting my health over in a more healthier way. His response filled me with love and reminded me of Philippian’s 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens.) So, regardless if you make your goal or not.. Gods not going to be mean to you, all He’s going to do is love on you. Even if you make the slightest change to your diet He will honor that. Just don’t give up and keep moving forward, your Abba Father wants you to be filled with joy, peace, and good health.

View more encouraging scriptures at

My Prayer for you:

I thank God and Our Lord Jesus Christ for all of you and I pray that you all will be encouraged on this journey. I pray that you open their hearts to you as they trust you and rely on your strength throughout this journey . I pray blessings and prosperity over you during this new change in your life. You will succeed. It is hard, It is a big step, it will take time. But nothing is impossible nor to big for God. I have full faith that you can do it! Seek God, Hear God, Receive from God because He only wants the best for you and I pray you find the best regimen for you!

Amen and Amen.

Thank you all for your support and I want to disclaim I am not a professional in health and fitness but these were tips that I had done from personal experience to keep going, I’m still on this journey with you all and I hope this post has encouraged you! 🙂

Have a blessed day,

Much Love- Moriah.

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  1. Sheila B Pettie says:

    Moriah, I am so excited to take on some of your health and scripture tips! You inspire me to do better! to get healthy and to give God more of my time! Thank you!

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    1. moriahlinton says:

      Awe Praise God! Love you ♡


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